Trade Fusion Review – Possibly a Scam Deal?

Dealing with online binary options trading is a common money-making tool for many of us who seek better financial opportunities. Middle-class people often experience lack of sufficient income. So a great part of them make significant efforts to explore other channels for profiting. And auto-trading robots are designed exactly for this. There is no time obligation, the generated sums can be a lot and most of the robots offer free access for the users.

In such an area, it is normal for the temptation factor to be of high importance. This is why, there are so many hoaxes, claiming false promises in an attempt to lure people to use their fraudulent trading robots.

In this review, I am going to fill the archive with another great scam deal called Trade Fusion, by Timothy Marcus. While beginning to test the platform I had a good feeling but the result made me experience great disappointment.

Review Result: Trade Fusion is Scam

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Trade Fusion – A Bad Attempt at Lying

Every new binary options trading system claims to be the best and financial solution. For the beginning of this review I will explain to you some things that caught my eye. At the top of the landing page of the software you can find a promo video. In it an anonymous narrator is blabbing small talk about big promises and guarantees without validation.

The creator of this auto-trading software, Mr. Timothy Marcus, shows off with fake bank account figures. He tries to tell the users a new version of the same story about how other people succeed in making enormous profits online. And all this only due to the fact they are already using the Trade Fusion robot. This is a popular marketing tool used by many frauds who want to take advantage of uninformed people close to no trading experience.


Another ridiculous tactic used is that there is information about a previous $500 fee. It was just for using the binary options trading software. Now it is crossed over with red lines and there is updated data next to it, claiming that each new user is going to get a 90-day free trial period. Well, this is such a futile step, that even without having read this review, you will quickly figure it out. There was never a $500 fee and the free access was always vailable. After all, who wouldn’t want your initial investment?

Binary options trading systems are too many to count. As much as the people in search of a reliable trading partner. There is nothing wrong with using such money-making platforms. Just don’t give credit to scam systems.

TradeFusion – Scam-Spam Fusion

Each fraudulent auto-trading system uses pompous sentences, colorful pop-ups and big numbers displayed on their official websites. However, this annoying practice proves to be very useful to users. These signs are visible enough and make the task of revealing frauds easier. Trade Fusion’s landing page is full of ridiculous statements, written and enlarged with word-processing software. All this is combined with a nasty spam message, emerging on the screen during scrolling up and down the site. This looks so desperate and cheap. It is actually proof for the fake origin and functions of the software.


Trade Fusion is on an Image-Shopping Spree

Now, when talking about stock images used in different fraudulent web-sites, we must admit that Trade Fusion wins all the ‘awards’. There are no real people, displayed with real pictures on the robot’s landing page, all is fake. After a short online investigation I was able to find some of the pictures embedded on this robot’s landing page on other sites. They were used for advertising completely different services. I will tell nothing more. I will just let you make your own judgment.

The proclaimed creator of the software could not be found with the image provided on the website. There is just some random guy pictured, and some text next to him. That is all we have on him. Nothing else. I bet his picture is fake, too.


Fnal Verdict

Binary options trading solutions are way too many to count as are the people searching for legit auto-trading software. There is nothing wrong in using such tools and try your luck. Just don’t trust scam systems. I have my own experience with this kind of investments and this is why I am trying to give you some useful tips. The most important thing is to be cautious. Don’t take anything for granted until you’ve found some solid proof.

Final Verdict: Trade Fusion is Scam

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