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I love exposing scam. Do you know why? They make fun of real traders, underestimate people’s intelligence and exploit hopes, dreams and fears. This frustrates me a lot. Maybe because I was lucky in life I feel obliged to help others. No one should fall victim to impudent scammers that are selling lies dressed in big words and dramatic stories. That is why I am writing this review.

I want to bring to your attention the Citidel Investment App, property of Citidel LTD. If you browse the net, you will find a lot of reviews that are trying to push the software as if it is the new technological miracle that will make everybody rich. These are all affiliates fishing for sign ups. Because the Citidel Investment App by the so called Dr. Kent Grifly is a total scam and I will prove it to you through the following review. Pay good attention to the evidence I have provided. My investigation was thorough and it yielded really interesting results.


Citidel Investment App Requires no Investment?

FALSE. No software, no matter how sophisticated, or an investor, no matter how experienced and genius he is, can multiply funds without growing investments. Might sound complicated but it is a simple logic behind that – the payout you can get from a trade is usually fixed. In traditional investment, this is the margin between the old and the new price at the moment of selling and/or buying an asset. With binary options it is a certain payout. Legitimate trading bots rarely offer payouts higher than 80%-90% because larger numbers are just not realistic.

According to Citidel LTD, its software can offer a return of up to 87%. So far so good. But if your investment amount is not growing or changing at all, the returns will not change. You cannot make $500,000 from investing just around $50 a trade. Simply because you have a limited number of trades you can tell the robot to perform before it stops. The automated trading feature does not provide an unlimited number of actions to be taken. The software will place automatically just 25 trades. And the wining rate is very far from 100%, no matter the claims.

Investigation Results: Citidel Investment App is a scam

Dr. Kent Grifly is Imaginary

The legendary developer, who invested 24 years of his life in the creation of the Citidel Investment App is a well-crafted fictional character. No such man has graduated from the Iowa State University, the company they claim he has created does not exist. You cannot information on the man or the company anywhere on the web. The person we see in the video, presented as Dr. Kent Grifly, is probably a paid actor. Some big claims are being made about him – he is a famous financial expert, analyst and entrepreneur, who is invited all over the world to attend different conferences and give speeches. But they show only him. If they wanted to back their claims, the should have given us a shot of the crowd. Probably the scammers just did not have enough money to hire so many extras to fill a conference room.


Citidel LTD Could Afford Just Five Stock Images

Not only that Dr. Kent Grifly does not exist, or at least nothing can prove otherwise, from Citidel Investment App tried to sell another lie. On their website, you can see some testimonials, which honestly look fake from miles away. There are fake Facebook and Twitter feeds. You can see the trading calendar of satisfied clients. But those clients are fictional as well. Their financial statements are fabricated. Do you know how I found out? In Citidel LTD’s members area there are profiles of the “Trading Experts” that supposedly will lead the classes you will be able to attend for free.

This automated trading bot offers a very nice opportunity if only it were true. It isn’t. The trading experts shown are the same stock photos used with the fake traders that have used the Citidel Investment App. See for yourself.



I could continue with other things. Like the fact that no relevant information about how this binary options robot works has been provided in the video. Or the poor choice of brokers. Or all the fake badges of approval and security that are embedded in the website’s code. I do not find it necessary. If someone has decided to throw away his money on a system that is an obvious scam, who am I to stop you?

Heed my advise though. Nothing good will come out of joining Citidel LTD. Do not risk it. Be smart about trading, especially if its in the binary options industry, which is flooded with scams.

My final conclusion is that Citidel Investment App is a total scam.

Find a working system. Read my “Recommended” section and make a reasonable choice.


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