Amissio Formula or Scam Formula? Straight Answers!

Let’s begin with some basic information about the Amissio Formula binary options investment solution. It is created by a man called Craig Philips. But is this software really working or is it a fraudulent system that’s going to ruin your investments? This is what I discuss in the following review.

Amissio Formula – Questionable Origin

If you perform a simple search engine check up on creator Craig Philips you will see that his persona is non-existent. There are no valid social network profiles. Neither does a Google image search come up with anything. Only links to the promotional video of the Amissio Formula. Now, this doesn’t give us a head start when it comes to trust-building. Mr. Philips is probably just another paid actor.


And a terrible one by the way. The whole introductory clip on the platform’s official website is shot with a home or smart phone camera. It’s edited badly and the background music sounds like it was composed by a Reason program, beginner. Yuk!

Amissio Formula – Poor Feedback

When choosing the name of the trading robot, people standing behind it cleverly opted for a Latin phrase. ‘Amissio’ means ‘no loss’. Which is the exact opposite of what you can expect from this binary options trading system. If you start using it, then you should better be prepared to kiss goodbye to all your savings. A lot of online investors have grumbled about this hoax. Just look around and you will find tons of negative feedback.

Stories of drained debit and credit cards. Sudden disappearance of money from them. Well, I’m not a person who would take information for granted, but I decided to make sure for myself. Just in case everybody was wrong. I signed up, put $250 into the solution and then adjusted it on auto-trading mode. You wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I lost everything. I gave it one final shot and when it happened again I decided to go for a more reliable system.

Investigation Results: Amissio Formula is a Scam

Recommended System: The Italian Method

Amissio Formula – Random Statistics

There is another thing that you will notice almost immediately after playing the promo video. Mr. Philips flashes image after image of pointless charts and statistics. These could’ve been created by anyone with a basic knowledge of a photo-editing program. And the binary options trading robot’s team thinks traders are so stupid to fall for this. It is never explained what exactly these charts represent. Nor to they have anything to do with the Amissio Formula platform.


Amissio Formula – the Lies Formula

Creator Craig Philips claims to have made $86 millions in the last couple of years using the binary options software. But how can that be possible when the system came out just a couple of months ago? Not counting the fact that his personality is fictitious. The only way this hoax-person could have won this amount of money is if he stole it cheating ordinary traders like ourselves. Maybe those are the alleged 90% that profited. Don’t let him fool you.

There’s also a spelling mistake in the platform’s slogan (‘The worlds only ‘No-Loss’ Trading Software’).


Also, on the Amissio Formula’s official website, as well as in the video, you will see that there are supposedly only 50 places left free for Beta testers. You, red-colored fraud alert should go off right about now! All the scam binary options trading bots claim this. They do it in order to give you a sense of rush. Then you’ll be able to take hasty and impulsive decisions and fall straight into the trap.

Amissio Formula is a prime example of a complete scam. It doesn’t work. And it never will.

Review Verdict: Amissio Formula Is A Scam

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