Hello, everybody! My name is Quentin Brubacker and I am an investor. My blog is dedicated to the binary options industry and more specifically – automated trading systems.

Let’s Make Introductions

My name is Quentin Brubacker and I am the creator of TheTicker. I am 31 years old, a graduated business journalist and a citizen of the world. I have lived in the States, I spent 3 years in Japan and at the end of last year, I relocated to Germany.

In today’s economy, who is paying for my travels? I pay for myself. I have been an investor since I was 22. Thanks to my dad and his elite financial training and education, I grew up in a financially secured family and was able to afford anything in life. But all I wanted was to trade. You know, they say this is the smart way to gamble. And I loved it.

At first, it was very hard for me to make the right trading choices and decisions. But under my father’s tutelage I was able to learn every secret that stood behind investment trading. Buying and selling assets allowed me to earn my own living and this is how I was able to see the world as an independent individual.

How Does the Story Go?

Eventually, traditional investments turn out to be not enough for my ever-growing appetite for trading. Do you know why I am lucky? It is not because of the money my family has, or because of the education I have, and not even because of the opportunity to travel the world. However, I must admit that the last part is a very sweet benefit.

It is because I live in the age of binary options trading. Where traditional investments did not succeed, binary options flourished. As a person who constantly tries to allocate and, hopefully, multiply his resources, this very specific type of investment was a very exciting opportunity.

And as a young inexperienced man, I dived head on in the binary options industry. I was so very excited. Chose a broker, traded a for a while and then I heard about the auto-trading systems available. At first, I was very skeptical. As an investor, and a good one at that, why would I let a robot trade instead of me, when I could have the pleasure?

A Sensitive Matter

Because I could have all the other pleasures possible if only I had the time. Binary options software made it possible for me to do the other things I love – travel, hang out with friends, enjoy some quality “me”-time. Pay attention to my beautiful bride. We got married soon after I came back from my Asian adventures.

That is why I decided to give the auto-traders a chance. Made a mistake once. Made a mistake twice. At some point I had $50,000 less in my bank account due to trusting fraudulent systems. I felt extremely stupid for not making thorough research before putting my finance in the hands of scammers. The frustration was huge.

So I started a ledger – it contains every fake that has ripped me off and every authentic software that has enhanced my user-experience and my finances. After some years of constant binary options trading, I learned to recognize the phony systems from the real ones. Of course, there are still those that tell such a good lie that only testing the robot can reveal its true nature. But I always start small. This way I am sure that even if the software is a hoax, I will not lose a lot of money.

Why Did I Create TheTicker?

I decided to share my ledger with you. It is in my knowledge that a lot of people get scammed every day. On my website, you will find information on every system that I have tested and deemed worthy of your attention – fraudulent as well as authentic systems. I hope that the information you will find here will be helpful. I will provide basic definitions and concepts so that even inexperienced traders will have use of my website.


Enjoy your stay here and trade smart!