Basic Binary Options Concepts

Binary options trading involves predicting the performance of the underlying assets during a specified time frame. In other types of investments, investors are required to purchase the asset they want to invest in. Profits and losses are determined by the changes in the value of the asset. If the value of the asset goes up and the investor sells it back to the market, he makes a profit. However, if the value goes down and then he decides to sell it off, he makes a loss.

But the beauty of binary options trading lies in the fact that investors do not have to purchase the actual asset. They only have to predict the direction in which the asset price is going to move. If they have guessed correctly at the time of expire they will have a WIN.

The accounts of investors are also not exposed to the highly volatile nature of the market. Binary options trading is very simple because there are only two possible decisions that traders can make – the value of the asset will either go up or down. There are some important things that you need to know in order to feel at least a little bit secure when taking up binary options trading . So let’s take a look at what these are.

Difference Between Binary Options Brokers and Robots

To start trading, you need an account, which you create with a binary options broker. The market is huge and there are many brokers to choose from.They do not offer the same services though. Some brokers are highly reputable and trustworthy, but there are those which are complete scams. So it is very important that you choose a broker carefully. Once you have signed up with a reputable broker, you just have to make the initial deposit and begin the investment process.

The broker provides you with an investment platform through which you can place your trades. The broker will also provide a range of trading instruments, tools and features to make the trading process easy and convenient for you.

Today, binary options robots are also very popular. Gone are the days when traders had to rely on the broker for trading tips and signals. Now, they can opt for an automated trading software and receive signals every day. A binary options robot is, simply put, an auto trading software that simplifies the trading process. There is no need for you to sit in front of the computer screen all day long in order to trade manually. If you are using a trading bot, you can customize the settings and run the robot on auto mode to allow it to trade in your stead.

This is one of the major differences between a broker and a robot. With a broker, you have to analyze the markets yourself, make your own predictions and trade by yourself. But with a robot, you can relax while it performs all the trading related tasks. From market analyses to making predictions and placing trades, a binary options robot is capable of doing everything.

Binary Options Tips

Whether you are a newcomer in the industry or an experienced trader, it is of the utmost imporatnce to have some binary options tips at hand. Let’s look at some tips that can come in handy and so that you can maximize your financial gains when investing in binary options.

  • Choose a regulated broker for a safe and secure trading experience
  • Deposit more money than the initial minimum required to make better profits
  • Check the withdrawal and bonus terms and offers before signing up with a broker
  • Make use of tested binary options strategies to minimize losses
  • Use the demo trading feature, if available, before investing any money
  • Use trading tools to maximize your gains and enahnce your experience
  • Become an active member in forums so you can learn from experts
  • Think twice before accepting bonuses
  • Choose a broker that offers a high standard of customer service
  • Be prepared to face both success and failure and think on your trading actions

Binary Options Trading Strategy

A trader who wants to be successful in the binary options industry must have some strategies. There are generally two strategies that every trader must learn about before diving into the deep. These include money management and trading . But newcomers usually find it hard to understand the strategies and that is why they tend to make lots of mistakes at first.

This is exactly where binary trading software come into play. It utilizes the strategies that traders normally use manually to look for trading opportunities. Based on these strategies, the robot is able to generate profitable trades. Unlike before, traders do not have to strategize on their own, they can leave everything to the binary option trading software as it will use the strategies and deliver the best possible outcome.

Take a look at what the two main trading strategies entail.

  • Money management strategy – there is a set of rules that must be followed when it comes to money management. If you have a good strategy in place to manage your money, you will be able to maximize your gains. One of the first rules is that you must only invest a certain percentage of your funds on a trade. It should be between 3 and 5 percent. This kind of strategy can help you overcome losing streaks and make constant profits.
  • Trading strategies – one of the most important things to consider when trading binary options is the timing. Since this form of trading mainly focuses on short term signals, you must be able to make the correct predictions at the right time. The strategies you have must define which signals you want to act on. You can use techniques separately or in a combination when it comes to executing trades. For example, the candlestick formations can help you understand the future price movements. It is a technique that can give you short term indications based on which you can make your trading decisions. If you are able to interpret candlestick formations, you will be able to find the best trading opportunities. Other trading strategies include trading the breakout, trend lines, percentage retracements, technical indicators and trading the gap.

Free Binary Options Software

Binary options systems have revolutionized the way in which trading is carried out today. They have simplified the process of trading and made it even more profitable. Today, the majority of traders opt for binary options software to maximize their profits.

Trading bots carry out an enormous amount of research to deliver the best possible results. The good thing is that some of the best binary options automated trading bots are available for free. The only requirement they have is that you need to set up an account with a broker that is compatible with the system.

How to Avoid Scam Robots and Brokers?

When it comes to choosing a broker or a binary trading system, then you must always proceed with caution. There are many scam robots and brokers on the market which you must stay away from. Here are some tips on how to avoid scams:

  • If possible, always choose a broker that is regulated and licensed
  • Read traders’ reviews online before choosing a broker or an automated system
  • Stay away from robots which claim to offer 100% accuracy. This is not possible and those which make unreasonable claims and promises are mainly scams.
  • Look for information online and if you are unable to find enough information, then they clearly are a scam
  • Look for trading history and if there is none, then this is a red flag
  • Find out if there are negative feedback or complaints online
  • Look for results and find out if they are reasonable or exaggerated
  • If you are looking for a robot, then you must find out which brokers they recommend. A scam robot will only recommend shady brokers that you must stay away from.

Broker’s Regulations

The binary options trading sector has grown so rapidly over the years that there has been an emergence of numerous binary options brokers on the market. But just as the signals service providers, not all brokers are reliable and genuine. It can be quite a task to choose a trustworthy broker, but it is essential for traders to go with a reliable option to ensure the safety of their money. One of the safest options for traders is to open an account with a regulated broker.

Regulated brokers have to adhere to the rules and regulations of the official government financial authority they operate under. One of the main bodies that regulate brokers in the EU is CySEC and if your broker is regulated by this authority or any other similar authority, then you can trade with confidence and peace of mind.

Even when you are looking for a binary options signals service, one of the first things that you must check is whether the broker they assign is regulated or not. A good signals provider will always link with a reliable broker so you can trade without any problems or concerns.

What are Binary Options Signals?

Gone are the days when binary options traders had to undertake the time consuming and frustrating task of analyzing the financial markets. It goes without saying that you need accurate data and correct information about the financial markets and the movements of assets to be able to make the right trading decisions. The trading schedule of traders a couple of years back would be so tight that they would hardly find time to spend with their family or handle the rest of the important tasks. Moreover, the process of market analysis was also very hectic and there was no guarantee that traders would make the right predictions at the end of the day. Time also plays a huge role when it comes to executing profitable trades because the markets are volatile in nature and it is crucial to perform trades at the right time.

Today, the problem of getting accurate market data has been well solved, thanks to binary options signals services. Binary options signals are used by the majority of binary options traders because of the advantage they provide them with. Binary options signals are in essence trade alerts that can help traders make the right decisions at the right time. They are generated by different signal service providers and it is your responsibility to find a service that is reliable. Signing up with a reliable signals service, will provide you with instant alerts on your trading platform without any hassle and headaches. There are many review sites on the Internet that have made the task of choosing the best signals service easy and convenient for you. After reading unbiased reviews, you will be in a better position to make informed decisions about which signals service is reasonable to consider.

Nowadays, lots of auto binary robots provide signal services as well. When on autopilot, binary robot software will generate signals based and its analyses and place trades instead of the trader. In manual mode, investors can choose whether to follow these signals. The best binary trading software provide highly accurate and authentic alerts – compilations of signals, but it is very hard to find the best binary option robot, due to the huge amount of scams in the industry.

Special Features

Binary options signals that actually work will come with a number of special features. It is actually features that can either break or make the system. Let’s take a look at some of the special features that any reliable signals service must have.

  • Advanced indicators – the creators of the system must incorporate state of the art trading indicators that can make correct predictions about the assets’ movements in the financial markets. In addition, the indicators must be updated on a regular basis to keep up to date with the chances that take place in the industry.
  • Reliable signals – the signals that are generated by the service provider must be highly accurate and profitable so traders can have an enhanced trading experience. An accuracy rate of 75-85% is expected for any signals service to be considered as reliable.
  • Easy to use – The signals generating system must be designed to be used by both novice and seasoned traders. No training, charts or software must be required to use the system. It should be web-based or come with an easy to download and install format.
  • Instant Alerts – when a signal is generated, traders must get an instant alert so they can make trading decisions quickly. In addition, the software must be capable of generating a good number of signals on a daily basis.
  • Customer service – the providers must offer customer support to help traders with their queries and concerns. If it is not 24/7, then it must be at least during the normal business hours.
  • Brokers – the choice of brokers must be great as well. A reliable signals service will always be linked with reliable brokers so you can have a safe trading experience.

How to Get Binary Options Signals?

It is quite easy to avail binary options signals service and the best part is that most of them are available for free. You don’t need to make any payment to use the signals service. There are no membership fees or monthly costs involved. You can fill out an easy sign up form and get access to the signals service. But there is one requirement that must be fulfilled by traders and that is to open an account with one of their designated brokers. A trading account must be initiated although the signals service is offered to you for free. The broker you sign up with requires a minimum deposit of about $250 and once you add this amount to your account, you will begin receiving signals that you can use to execute winning trades.

There is a number of ways in which signals can be delivered and it depends on which method you choose. The first method is via SMS where the signals service provider will send alerts using text messages. This is one of the fast methods of delivering signals. Email is another method thorough which signals are delivered, but it is essential that you have a reliable internet connection to receive signals in a timely manner. Some service providers have created a special member’s area on their website and as soon as a signal is generated, live updates are posted on their website which can only be accessed by the members who have active subscription.

How to Choose the Best Signals Service?

As a binary options trader, you must be wary of certain things when making use of a signals provider to receive trading alerts. All signals service is not reliable and although they may claim fantastic results, they may be scam systems that may make you lose your investment. The sad part is that there traders have no means of independently verifying these claims unless they test the system themselves. There are many good signal providers that offer a free trial so traders can take advantage of this offer and test the system. The free trial period must be used wisely by the trader so they can evaluate the system thoroughly. This way traders can also find out if the claims made by the service provider are genuine or not. If the service provider requires you to make a small payment for the trial period, then traders must ensure that it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Another way to verify the claims is to look for genuine reviews of real traders. You must not blindly trust the testimonials, reviews and statements that you see on the official web page of the signals service. You must look for genuine and unbiased reviews online. If the signals service is really profitable and reliable, then you will find amazing feedback online.

How to Use Binary Options Systems

Binary options systems are automated tools that can turn losing trades into winning ones. If you are a novice trader, you can become very successful over a short period of time by using an efficient binary options system. Binary options systems are easy to use since they are designed for both novice and expert traders. If you are looking to make use of a system to trade, then the first thing you must do is look for a safe and reliable system. Usually, you are required to fill out a sign up form and complete the registration process with a broker that has been assigned to you. Following the completion of the registration process, you can add funds into your account and set the preferences that you want the system to follow to execute trades.

Trading is easy using an automated system. You can save a lot of time and energy from analyzing and researching the market which means you get plenty of time to focus on making profits. A good trading system will ensure that you are successful as a trader. It will perform trades for you by making use of the signals it generates. Even though the systems are automated, you can control the volume of trades that are executed per day. You can give directions by choosing the assets you want to invest in, the total amount you want to invest per day, the amount you want to invest per trade, etc. Based on your directions, the system will perform the tasks and accumulate profits in your trading account.

If you have any questions or you are wondering about some theoretical concepts, send me a line or two and I will make sure to cover the topic.

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